Saturday, May 2, 2009

it's twisting my side, into knots.

my eyes are blue for you. in my head, i kept repeating "so this is what it feels like, to actually feel beautiful?" i'm fighting the waves to enjoy the ocean. all the waters, they belong to me, engulf yourself, soaked in, sinking in my seas. the land may be yours, i'll spare your feet the time, wrap them in waters warm, and everyone else can stand ashore and watch me, watch us as we flood. taking over everything. i am so saturated, so alive in everything you are made of, so clear. composed of. every molecule, crispy crispy crispy clear, we'll read the words off of their lips. no sounds. no ears. no walls just waves, light coming in from the surface, how it trans lutes your face, shadows creeping atop every crevasse, don't you go up for air, we can breathe down here. stay, i can save you, down here.

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