Monday, May 25, 2009

i'm worried.

the world will never hear me scream again, because i am stronger now. i am worried that the world will never see what i see, the way i see it. i am a really little girl, with a voice bigger and louder than most would or could ever expect. i have so much to say. so much to do. so much ground to cover. so many people count on me to stay put together so well, as i do. so many people look up to me, for many unknown, undiscovered reasons. maybe it's my sense of freedom? how i can blend or stand out so well when times are convenient? my notion to become invisible in a world where nothing gets past anyone. where nothing is left untouched. i lay on my floor and i prance my fingers around, as if they were little men marching, and i line them all up and then i flick them all over. i am on top of the world.

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