Sunday, May 17, 2009

nothing takes my mind away from things

i stand here, in solitude and i stare into a mirror coated in the warmth from the shower, i pull my hand up and i wipe away the thin layer hiding me from everything i hate, i stand here naked, the waters cold now and it's running off of my finger tips, i watch as the tiny rivers and streams roll down my body, following every crease, every curve, disappearing past my breast and down my stomach, pouring down my thighs, down my legs leaving little puddles wrapped tightly around my feet. i look up and i can see my face again, and there she is. she looks just like me, her hair and eyes the same, lady sedna. fuck you, lady sedna do you hear me? FUCK YOU. you do not scare me any more. i am not afraid. i am strong enough now. i will be beautiful again, you'll see. all of you watching, all of you waiting to watch me fall to my knees, you will all see.

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