Thursday, May 7, 2009

everything seems to be falling together, well.

it feels as if a long time ago, with the loss of someone who understood me beyond expectations, i built a world up around myself. i built walls taller than the tallest trees, shielded myself away from the world and all it had to offer. buried deep, hidden behind a mask for years not worth counting, staying solitude, happy with myself knowing not another heart to be worthy of hurting mine, ever again. i stumbled along a shoreline lined with only stars, calm waves that i don't have to fight anymore. found a heart that carried the same weight as mine, and a mind with more than enough to intrigue me. i wrote you a note yesterday, and i know that you can't read it because you are gone, but i put it in a bottle and i sunk it under the water, you're the only one i talk too, even when i know you can't hear me. we spread your ashes around the shore of your favourite place. green island you were the last to know, the greatest man to ever swim these waters. my head kept reading the words i wrote, on repeat. "dear grandfather, i am going to make you proud."

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