Friday, May 22, 2009

this morning.

you've some how found a way to make me shine, in a world when all i've ever known are the many grey parts, you've put that feeling back in my veins, pumping and recycling everything but hate back through my heart, in and out of my head. leaking out the tips of my fingers. i want to pull them down your face, a cross your bare cold chest. i long to keep you warm. i want you next to me, and around me, i want to be wrapped up in only you. like i am when i close my eyes, or when i sleep a few hours out of the night. because since the day before you left, you're all i know, all i want to know, all i want to ever know. you're in everything i do, and everything i see, every word i so silently speak. i breathe for you, everything is how it's supposed to be, falling so well into place as planned. i can not begin to fathom, you are the epitome, the root of all of my happiness. i don't ever want another. you've managed to keep me unafraid and safe, inside my head and inside my heart. i am no longer afraid of anything, infinite. you make me feel like i could save this world from deceit, from all the lies and all the bad, you make me feel as if maybe just maybe i could make it all go away, as you do me. you make everything fade. you are so wonderful, so fucking wonderful, don't you ever leave me. i need you.

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