Thursday, May 14, 2009

relearn to simply be reknown.

i can smell the rain approaching this soil. i can feel the ground under my feet thirst for your waters. rain down from the sky, plant your kisses on my shoulders. pour down on me, saturate me, until i can not hold anymore, become unbearable to me, and then feed me some more. i can smell the rain, getting closer as the clouds shift above me, intrigue me. intriguing every thought that floats through my head. enticing, completely. i can taste it when i breathe. i sit back and i think "i am fortunate to even be visible to the eye. i am fortunate to be seen in a world when all i have done is ruin myself and all of my perpetual surroundings." in a scarce field, you found me. alone and content and happy with no one at my side. i was so willing to spend my life the only way i had ever known, standing strong and standing alone. i was not longing until i heard your name, and now i feel as if i am starving. when i convinced myself i would never let myself need another, i have overcompensated, paying a copper penny for every second i spend thinking, convincing myself again, that i do. i need all of you. i need what surrounds you, surrounding myself. i need to walk the same streets, open the same doors, sleep on the same floors, stare into the same mirrors, feel you breathing down the nape of my neck, wrapped around me, in the same bed. secrets and whispers transmitted between two tangible beating hearts, i want to repeat every beat. saturated, please saturate me, i am at your feet, your disposal. in complete mercy of your every thought, every wish, your hopes and your dreams. engulf me, in everything that you are, composed of you and you alone. let me write this story the only way i know how. let me rewrite everything i have ever known. relearn to simply be reknown. let me trace the words on your lips, leaving your tongue everything but weary and tired. let me put you to sleep with my fingers, let this be the beginning of the greatest story i will ever write. i have always been so distant, scared and hopeless in a world where i know nothing other than the hate i've kept packed thin between each fist. i want to learn to love another properly, to finally know another. i want to know you, completely, inside and out, your heart, your mind, your body. you are going to love me.

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Jennings said...

i love this. so beautiful, and so real, and vivid. and i really like your pictures, they are gorgeous.