Thursday, May 28, 2009

fuck you, sunlight.

for waking me up. i had a dream that i can't quite recall at all, and that's so unusual for me, normally they are clear and repetitive. i woke up this morning, with nothing but these few sentences, other than that, my mind drew up blank. and i hate it more than anything. it'll come back to me eventually, they always do, but i want to know now.

"i finally found you, no. you found me."

"i need you to hate me, so i can still find a way to love you, or feel something towards you at least so i can stay alive, IT'S CALLED SURVIVAL, i'm only doing what i have to, to make it to the next day, don't you get it? don't you fucking get it? hate me, so i can save myself."

"overcome. overcome. overcome. you're strong enough."

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