Thursday, April 30, 2009

i close my eyes and i try and think of where i'd be if i didn't have you where i have you now. i try to pull an image up but i draw up blank and it confuses me, everything is white and i don't know where i'm at, so i push the thought out, and i escape back into my skin. i sit and i wait. my cigarette has already burned down to nothing but ash and i look down as i watch it fall from what's left, shaking between my fingers. i never want to go back there. not back to that place, keep me here. you keep me here. i need you, like i have never needed another before. you hold me still and spin me around all at once and it's like nothing i have ever felt before, and to think, i haven't even felt the slightest touch, i've never tasted you about my lips. you're like a burst of fresh air, clean and recycled back into my lungs. i never want to lose sight of this, finally i can see.

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