Tuesday, April 21, 2009

asymmetrically aligned.

in such a world, where there are no eyes, where we see nothing. everything seemingly translucent to the slightest thought. you're blessed and built, built not blessed. it's nice to have such keen hearing. short and sharpe, and asymmetrically aligned, not on the sides of my head, not hidden beneath my dark black hair, but buried somewhere deep inside my chest, right next to my heart.

yes, i can hear you breathing.
i can hear you say my name.
and i need you, i need you, so free me.

i close my eyes and i listen, every night when i leave you, and you go and you sleep. i close my eyes and i still hear you. it comforts me, so i sleep. i am not alone.

you're nearly sixty four miles down the road. a road i have seemed to have traveled maybe a hundred- maybe a thousand times. known slick like the back of my hand, i read every line, i watch as they unfold and fold as i take turns clenching my fist, and letting my fingers escape to the sky again. i repeat. they tell me stories. i know these roads so well, so crisp, like the blue in my eyes, like the blues in yours. oceans they call them, "you carry the ocean in your eyes." i could drive with them closed, not missing a slight turn. i know this venture so well. it seems i've been a million times, and never, not once, for the sake of seeing you. that will surely change, with the tiny taste of time.

you're sixty four miles down the road.
and yes, i can hear you breathing.

i place my hand to my chest, and i listen.
i can hear you breathe.

i don't know much of anything these days, i don't know the boundaries of what is and what is not. what is possible and what could be known so easily as a failed attempt, but i attempt anyways. because with walls stronger than myself, my heart rest inside a chest made of bricks and mortar, my heart it beats inside these walls. pure and deceitful, playing tricks on myself. i have to pull myself out and repeat "this is real, he is real, i am not asleep, this is no dream, you have my heart you're tearing down my walls, one by one i release them, i swing and swing and there's nothing left, pieces of rock and brick lay at my feet, it's starting to pile up" i start to scream. there is no sound. no sound barrier to break, nothing to make sense of this. all i know is my heart is pure, untouched and pure. sincerity, sustained. this world is my world now, and i only want to make it ours. i stay here, in a world where anything and everything is possible. here inside my head. get inside my head, and when the first light comes, all i can ask, is that you breathe for me.

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