Monday, April 13, 2009

such a beautiful boy, taken from such an ugly world.

david chung, my friend. i miss you, and i'm going to continue missing you, i missed you before you were gone, and now i miss you even more. this is so hard on me, on all of us, you're gone. you're actually gone? this is so unreal, i just spoke to you, four days ago, and now you're gone. you were so much like a little brother to me, you were such a happy kid, and you never let anyone down, ever. always brought a smile to everyones face, as one always dawned acrossed yours. such a kind soul, and such a big heart, you kept everyone one on their toes, i can't think of a time when you weren't happy, when you weren't making everyone around you happy. i've never seen anyone light up a room like you do. such a beautiful boy, taken from such an ugly world. it's such a fucked up place out there. someone should have known. i can't believe this still, you're funerals tomorrow. there's going to be so many people, you touched so many hearts and it's unbelieveable. i miss you, i miss you so much. i want to go ice skating right now, right now like we were supposed too. i teach you and you teach me. i remember the first time i met you, you were so cute and so young and you were running around and mackin' on all the ladies, i included, haha, i miss you, i wish i could find a way to bring you back but i know i can't. all i can do is keep what i know, the memories i have and hold them close to my heart. i love you david chung, jackie chan, you were truly one of a kind. i'm never going to forget you, never going to forget your smile, you're always in my heart. i promise kid. sleep in peace.

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johnnyhero said...

this made me cry :(