Monday, April 27, 2009

the jist of what's in my heart, rather than my head.

never been so sure of something like this. you say my name, like i've never heard it before. the way your words flow off the tip of your tongue, put a knot in my side, that leaves me wanting to be where ever you are. i feel like i don't know who i was before this happened, and it's such a tangible thought. it lets me sleep at ease. no more screaming, no more crying, no more pleas of desperation, i don't have to be alone. i finally, have everything, and to think i had everything before. i am baffled at the thought. you blow me clear out of my own waters. when i thought i could never separate the two, my hate and my love alike. i have finally found someone who sees what i see, the way i see it. believes what i believe, or the lack thereof, content in my own skin, whole in human form. a perfect being made in carnation for no one besides me. i don't know where you came from, what set you aside from all that others, you are so different from anyone i have ever encountered. hate was all you knew, as it was all i had ever known. this is something else, something unreal yet level with reality. parallel, completley.

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