Tuesday, April 14, 2009

enough is never enough.

false. misleading. my heart is an empty hole. i walk. leaves crumble. ants back in their home. the rain is coming. i can smell it on you. climb to the top of the trees. hear me say my name. ears listen. lights burn. fire dies. we live again. subtle. mermaid. swimming. sinking. heavy hearted. delighted. enlightened. calm. fight the waves. enjoy the ocean. you are like home to me. your bed. my motion. i know nothing of the sort. you are like home to me. no attachment. no mistakes. questions. no answers. endured. nicotine. adrenaline. happiness. religion is slavery. this is slavery. i am stuck. lady belial. lady senda. who am i? where is my heart? what am i? human. girl. afraid. glory filled. victory is flawless. enough will never be enough. it grows. everyday. the same. you and i, the same. i love you. always. it's always the same. sushi, my kitten. knows no hate. these tiny fist, forever open. not the girl i was, not the girl i used to be. we are no one and everyone all the same. i need to hear you. this is killing me. oh great receiver. receive me. i fear you. you fear me. not afraid. we are the same. i breathe you. you breathe me. i'm coming home. eggs for breakfast. no more meat. i have changed. i am changing. we are changing. i want to free the world. i want to show you what i see. be my rushmore. dear erica, free yourself. dear friend, dear reader, none of this is true. everything is free.

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