Tuesday, March 3, 2009

when i woke up this morning

i kept my eyes closed and i could feel my hands shake, like maybe you were in my presence. i knew you weren't but it still felt good, and i was peaceful in some sort of mind. i could hear the ballad of love and hate playing from my room, and it made me sad for minute. i got up and poured me a cup of cold coffee and sat down in the dark room i fell asleep in and i let myself go. i let my thoughts wander around, and i stood up thinking, "i'll make it out of here someday." yes, i'll make it out of here someday, and i won't have to worry about where i'm going. i won't have to worry about what the world is holding for me. i won't have to worry about what's out there waiting, all i know is i'm going to go find it, and keep it, hold it really close to my heart, until the sound of yours beats insync with mine. and instead of hearing mine, i can only hear yours. until i can only hear your heart.

it's a really fucked up world out there, and we're all still acting on human impulses.

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