Wednesday, March 25, 2009

and if i told you i wasn't alone here.

how many of you would believe me? if i told you, standing here in the dark, that my world is so full of light, how many of you would believe me? if i told you, my heart was so fucking saturated in everything i ever wished it to be, you would believe me? on the other hand, what you believe is your belief, and i can't make anyone believe anything they wish otherwise, but i've got the rest of my life, to show you how far i can shine. i have found everything. i have everything, for the first time in my life. i can finally breathe, i can wake up with out screaming. i can close my eyes and take deep breaths with out falling. i finally have everything. my fist, my arms, my mind, my heart, they are all open to you. open for you. and they cry for you, they beg for your warmth, they need you. i need you.

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Michelle said...

your posts are so lovely that they just leave me befuddled and speecheless.. in a good way though. like i just dont know how to put my thoughts into words of how i feel...but i like commenting on people's posts, even if i dont know exactly what to say, because i like people to know that i am here, and that i am reading, and that i care. which i do. and am.