Sunday, March 15, 2009

and i found you

at the deepest depths of the deepest sea where the water was bluer than i had ever seen. i don't know how i stumbled a crossed this, but i couldn't just pass this. something stopped me. so i stayed here and i listened to you tell me all the little things about you, which were so very similar to all the little things about myself. and here i am wishing i could breathe like the fishes, so i'd never have to resurface, and stay under this cold water, feeling alive, feeling this rush. swimming forever. when i was a little girl, in the midst of growing up on the water. never afraid to dive in and sink down. i would tell everyone how i wanted to be a mermaid when i got older, and if i were to die tomorrow, under water would be the place for me. and it baffles me to think, now, i can swim and still find a way to breathe.

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patrickmccue said...


and in the sea is where you found me
a fish who was waiting to breathe
the same as you believe
the same air bubbles
with fins touching.