Tuesday, March 24, 2009

freckles, planted.

the sun climbs down the sky, the wind climbs up the trees. breathing. i lay with my arms over my face, covering my eyes. blues verses the blue. stomach up, heart sinking, like it was a stone dropped off a cliff somewhere into the sea. falling to the bottom. tiny oxygen filled particles float up to the surface. behind it, as it sinks and sinks, and i just take another breath and close my eyes again. the sun's not out but the sky is still blue, it's bright and it hurts my eyes. is this all in my head? i reach out and i touch your face. is this all in my head? i work my fingers between yours. this is all in my head? i pull my body closer to yours and then i push away again. i don't want anything besides a kiss, and it's so obvious, and i'm alright with that. in my head. in my head. don't you go and get out of my head. i like you here. i'd like you better, if you weren't in my head, but inches from my face so i could reach out and feel you. "you're not only in my head, my heart, it is saturated" my god my heart is fucking saturated. the trees sway side to side, the leaves are all clapping together now, they're cheering us on. my toes are tapping, and my lips are singing you a sweet little song, but i don't say a word, i don't whisper a word, i'll let you read the patterns of my silent words, as i plant them on the tip of your tounge. the sun starts to rise, and it reaches in my window and leaves tiny little marks on my shoulders. freckles, planted. i open my eyes again. this time i'm awake. i'm awake. i place my feet onto the floor and i rise to find the kitchen, i fall again. i crawl to the kitchen just to feel the caffine flow through my veins. still asleep? no. awake. i'm awake. you are still here and i am still asleep. wake up erica, no don't, don't wake. sleep. you are here in my dreams.


Jennings said...

You are a great writer. Please check out my blog. Beautiful imagery and I felt like I was watching you perched on the edge of a cliff. :)

ericajeanholmes said...

thank you. i checked out your blogs.