Monday, July 6, 2009

you can take my money, and take my keys, but please if you will- leave my voice and my heart with me.

they're coming at me from all directions.
and then i'm surrounded.

so surrounded, a critical invasion from all sides.


they're everywhere.

slingin' pretty words my way, trying to win these blue eyes in their direction.

you can stop this sorry attempt.
it's going to get you nowhere,
nothing but you traveling down a dead end road ending in a sweet redemption of failure,
not lacking a second of disappointment.

everyone is out to get to me.
everyone wants to see what i see,
everyone wants to be in sight.
everyone wants to feel what i feel,
but darlin' i slur a plea, i tell you-
i can't open up a door that's been locked for well over a year now.

this heart belongs to someone other than myself.

you won't get through.
you won't get in.

and trying to tear down the walls i've built around myself,
will only result in a very foolish act upon your appearance,

save your breath and save your time.
i'm worthless to this world.

everything i have to give-
belongs to someone else.
you are wasting everything you're carrying in your hands, to give to me.
don't waste whatever it is you have, on me.

i can't watch anymore fall as i walk away.

i'm solitaire.
i'm stuck, i can not express to you my love.
and that's exactly what i want.

i don't need anything else, ever.
this is me, forever.

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