Tuesday, February 10, 2009

love locked

we can change the locks, we can close all the doors, we can seal the windows and keep the sun out, but there's nothing i can do now, to change the structure of your hands, and how your fingers, how they fit so well with mine, like pieces missing from a puzzle of a picture no one knows.

i've been waking up screaming again.

waking up in a cold sweat, i can feel your hands on me, and it scares me.
i can almost smell you, i can almost taste you lingering about my lips, and it scares me.

it makes me cold, and it's hard to think now.

i sit up and i pull my knees to my chest, i escape my fingers to my toes and i hold on tightly, i clench them tighter and i'm breathing heavy trying my damnedest to get you out of my head.

1 comment:

Claggie said...

beautiful, e. i know this feeling too. i still feel it sometimes too even though aaron and i are over... it's hard :( i love you!