Monday, February 23, 2009

losing my mind, but not my bow tie.

i need more days like this. they make me feel alive.


Anonymous said...

i don't get anything you write...its all just run on sentences ...slammed together similes and metaphors..i wish i could show you to my english 102 professor my got and i thought my papers were bad

ericajeanholmes said...

i don't ever expect anyone to get what i write. i don't write to be perfect, i know it's all incorrect grammar and metaphors and similes, but i mean, i'm not writing to be graded? i'm writing because it lets me be who i am, it sets me free.

i can, if i wanted to and have before written a perfect paper, i can have a solid foundation and perfect structure when needed. i can write properly when i need too, and i only do so, when and if need too, which isn't often except when i push all my jumbled jargon collections of words aside, and focus on writing my books. when i write here, or on myspace, i write for myself, and myself alone.

just because i share it, doesn't mean i write for anyone else.

there's a lot of people who enjoy what i write, a lot of people who know it's very incorrect, but still can put some sort of sense too it, some people still find some sort of inspiration and can relate to the things i write about/go through, and that's the only thing i care about if and when i reflect back on what people think about my writing.

:) but thank you.