Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i remember writing this. it felt good.

.....distorted dreams and distorted time. we stood like giants. you said, "we'll meet beyond the sea, november went by softly." i found a way not to remember, i found a way not to forget. i could still taste you. you were forever, my foundation. metaphorically speaking, you are like home to me. the closest i have ever felt. i remember the day my grandfather left and my heart started absorbing all the grey parts. i remember i let myself go that day, and when my lips first found you, i let that girl go. i had finally escaped. i let her go. the girl i managed to become for the two years he's been silent. and now, i sit here in illuminated light, writing and thinking things that don't even make sense to me. i remember the day i cut the tethers, the day i let this world have everything i had to give. weighing less or more, in exact comparison. i remember how fast all the faces started spitting everything back at me, "what a hypocrisy! what a hypocrisy!" they shouted, they screamed, they all stared so stiff. we were like world travelers, we were home bound and hungry. filled with such an unquenchable thirst, our mouths were dry, but our skin, it was saturated. this world has so much to give, so much beauty, and here i am. a fair believer, that the epitome of beauty can not be measured by any one man, we all have our own eyes, and not another pair, as green or as clear as yours. i remember. i'll never forget. my hands found their way to your face and it was perfect. just like the movies. they scream "JUST LIKE THE MOVIES" and i'll reply "i love you, i love you, i love you, you're so good to me, don't you ever leave." and you won't, like you promised you wouldn't.

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ryanrainbro said...

So you're not the girl you used to be AND you wake up in other people's bodies?! That sounds like a triangular problem. And inconvenient as fuck too. Ya know, you might wanna look into the possibility of you having a twin you don't know about? That's what went down in the movie "I Know Who Killed Me" starring Lindsay Lohan. Her piano teacher got pissed. Do you play piano? Ya know its never too late to start. Notes make chords.