Wednesday, February 25, 2009

believe, with out the lie.

so tiny and so small, standing on a world so big, with everything under her feet as usual. standing at the top. only this time, unlike the last, in pieces. not stable, and not okay, not alright. i can feel the sun at my back, placing freckles on my shoulders, and everyday the weather out side, it grows a degree warmer. it's coming and it's coming fast, and i can't do anything to stop it. not that i'm trying the least bit. i can feel it. creep up on me, and startle me like the rest of the world does. lies i've told and forgotten about, suppressed and released into a world built on nothing but hate. i'm leaving that world behind to be forgotten, to be suppressed. i'm going to be the beautiful girl you know. the girl you once knew. i'm going to do beauitful things, and there is nothing, no one that can stop me. not this time. not a word, not a heart, no one. nothing. not even my words. i fill in the blanks and i skip over the next question. i can do this. i'll make it. believe in me, you will all see.

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