Sunday, August 9, 2009

god forbid you speak another word.

this constant running in circles every day from dusk until dawn, i'm so tired. i'm exhausted. dead on my feet and distressed. jaded. constantly. giving up and giving in, it gets easier and easier each time. every - single - tiny - god - forbidden - ruthless - step - i - take. the soil shifting beneath my feet and the wind changing directions every other second. i can feel it kiss my cheeks. i can feel it tangle itself in my hair, i can feel it whistle between my fingers. i can feel it siphon the air right out from between my weary lips, and i'm left gasping. kicking and screaming. sweating like when you've just waken from a bad dream. fall asleep to nothing. rise to nothing. good morning, and repeat. i've got to get out of this routine. someone, save me.

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